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Need is the father of all invention

Organizes computers

In recent years I have encountered a need that arises from people who are less connected to computers and yet the computer is a part of our lives, we have documents, and pictures we take on mobile and do not always know how to transfer them to the computer and arrange and back up ... and what sits on the computer? And what about the cloud? And how do I transfer documents to my son or doctor easily? ....

I'm not talking about technophobia (although I can answer that too) but about territory that is less comfortable for some of us and for me it has come easily since the first computers came out ... when my father bought my little sister a bat mitzvah computer ...  For me it was a celebration and a discovery and I got along  simply.

Since then, the computer is in every home and I want and can make the matter accessible and pleasant and not stressful and threatening.

So if you find yourself between the lines or someone close to you, I would love for you to contact or contact me and we will talk to coordinate  Expectations, and decide  If a one-time meeting, a series of meetings or a regular arrangement is needed.

price list:

One-time meeting of one hour 150 NIS | Two hours 250 NIS

For a series of sessions:

Meeting time 120 NIS 

An hour and a half session 180 NIS

Call 055-9996336

Or leave details

And I will get back to you soon

Thank you, Jasmine

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