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About me

My name is Jasmine Lev  And in order for you to get to know me a little, I would like to share some significant things in my life.


I have been practicing meditation for years and it has made a big difference in my life and continues to serve me daily. One of the changes in my life is realizing  Many is  Taking care of myself through nutrition, so I am a fan of a healthy and natural diet and occasionally I bring up  Recipes for my blog  A sorceress in a buckwheat .


I am a mother of three children, all three are vegans, I grew up with them and each one is a gift to me and the world. They study at the Democratic School in Hadera and the rest of their time do a circus,  But this is already a story from another site ...


I've been building websites on WiX  And in works  Diverse graphics including book editing.

Lately I am responding more and more to inquiries from people who want to do  order  On their computer and I also organize  And also a guide  In all the secrets of the digital world that will be accessible, efficient and even fun.  

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