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Accompanying families

Accompanying families  Suitable for any family that needs and wants  Help with communication, the complexity of the relationship, getting a new family member, breaking up with someone in the family and any situation where you feel you need guidance along the way.
I love working with the kids through creation and games and with the parents of course  Through conversation and also through creation, play and sometimes while preparing food together.
The meetings are usually held in the families' homes.
In the first month we meet to get to know and formulate a treatment plan and act on it.  Every month or two we review the results  And continue or change as needed.
I work in the 'Paths to Parenting' program on behalf of Welfare. In this program I accompany families for a whole year (and sometimes even longer), the accompaniment  Including parental guidance, family and personal meetings with both parents and children,  According to the needs that arise in the field.  The service I offer here is private and unrelated to the program I work for on behalf of Welfare.
This year I started working with an amazing girl who has autism, I am studying the  Son Rise method  Who helped heal hundreds of children and gave hope and a way to thousands of families. In this work  I learn not only how to approach and be with autistic children but how to be with myself,  With people in general and with children in particular.  
I would love to help provide tools for coping  And bring the special point of view  For every family  Who is in a sense of a dead end and of the need for help.  
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Together we will turn a problem into a spring

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